Looking back on the first year

The first year of CropMix is pretty much over. What a great start we have made. Some highlights should not be missed:

1️⃣ The scientific team is almost complete with 18 PhD candidates. ➡ Read more
2️⃣ 25 pioneering arable farmers are participating. ➡  Read more
3️⃣ Our field technicians visited all arable farmers and reference fields 8 times this year, in all weathers, to carry out the biodiversity measurements. ➡ Read more
4️⃣ We had three nice consortium meetings in Wageningen, Lelystad and Den Bosch.
5️⃣ On 23 November, we kicked off the living labs with no fewer than 9 projects in which consortium partners will work together. ➡ Read more

In 2024, we will share the first results, organise a summer school for our PhD candidates and start MoestuinMix: our bug science project in the vegetable garden. ➡ Read more

Thank you to all participating crop farmers, researchers and partners, without whom CropMix would not exist. We wish everyone happy holidays and on to year 2!

Visiting the farmers, January-February 2023
Kick-off, 8 March, 2023
Bird monitoring
Pitfall for crawling insects
Malaise rap for flying insects, July 2023
Consortium meeting, Lelystad, 5 July, 2023
Research meeting at Droevendaal farm, 28 August, 2023
Harvest at Droevendaal, September 2023
Last round of measurements: nematodes
Earch worms, November 2023
PhD drinks, VU Amsterdam, 8 November, 2023
Consortium meeting and kick off of the living labs, HAS Green Academy, 23 November, 2023

CropMix is financed by the Dutch Research Council (NWO)

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