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Resistance to herbivores and pathogens


Andi Dirham Nasruddin

PhD candidate

Wageningen University & Research

I began my entomological journey at Hasanuddin University in Indonesia, where I pursued a bachelor’s degree with a focus on integrated pest management techniques. This foundation led me to Wageningen University & Research for my master’s degree. There, within the collaborative environment of the Laboratory of Entomology and the Farming Systems Ecology chair groups, I’ve become interested in mixed cropping systems and organic methods. These approaches aim to minimize crop damage without relying on pesticides, which opened a new door for me to pursue sustainable agriculture.

As a part of CropMix, I am excited to contribute to the exploration of mixed cropping as a sustainable choice for farmers. This project not only aligns with ecological principles but also integrates a broader perspective, considering the social aspects intrinsic to farming systems. Being one of the PhDs in this transdisciplinary team, I’m proud to combine my knowledge of ecology with insights into the social dynamics of mixed cropping systems, aiming to make a meaningful impact in the field of sustainable agriculture.

Research project

Project: 1.2.2. Effects of crop diversity on the resistance against insect herbivores and plant pathogens in mixed cropping systems

My research project centers on exploring the population and diversity of insects and pathogens in mixed cropping systems. This involves examining various crops, their varieties, and diverse experimental setups. The aim is to offer farmers ecological-focused strategies to minimize pesticide use in agriculture, with understandings on how crop rotations, varying crop combinations, and diverse plant traits can suppress pest herbivores and the spread of diseases. Ultimately, the project seeks to bridge the gap between scientific discovery and practical applications for more ecology-based agricultural practices.

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Results and news

More information and news on this project will follow.

Our work packages

1. Agro-ecology

This work package focuses on above-ground and below-ground interactions. We look at the interactions between plants, crops, insects and other species living in the field and the differences between strip cropping and monocultures.

2. Socio-economics and tech

Work package 2 looks at the economic feasibility of investments for farmers to switch to more crop-diverse systems, such as strip farming, and what factors influence their willingness to engage in ecologically sound farming.

3. Institutional change

We want to identify different transition pathways applicable to different situations. Think of farmers with wide strips and long value chains, but also farmers with narrow strips marketing in a short chain. Or perhaps very different cropping systems that use crop diversity, such as agroforestry. We also look at what consumers and other stakeholders think and their role in the transition to more sustainable agriculture.

CropMix is financed by the Dutch Research Council (NWO)

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