Andi Nasruddin


Hi there, I'm Andi, a PhD candidate in the CropMix program! I'm from Indonesia where farmers still swear by chemical pesticides to combat pests in their fields. But, as a future lecturer in Indonesia, I aim to inspire and educate the next generation of farmers about the benefits of natural and sustainable agriculture.

Now, let me tell you a little about myself! I'm a big fan of keeping my brain in a creative state. During my free time, you'll catch me cooking unique recipes in the kitchen, crocheting little toys, traveling to new places, producing music for my own travels, or even creating 3D models! If there is anything else, let me know! I'm ready to learn.

My research is on mixed cropping systems that can naturally suppress herbivores and pathogens through plant diversity and trait combinations.


I’m excited to join the CropMix program as it provides a unique opportunity to explore my passion for sustainable agriculture and crop protection. The program’s collaborative approach between experts and farmers is an amazing way to develop innovative methods to promote sustainable agriculture.


  • Wageningen University & Research